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It is important to replace missing teeth to keep the existing teeth from drifting into the created space. This preserves the normal function and normal bite, keeping the jaw joint healthy. There are basically three ways to go about tooth replacement. Depending on the location of the tooth to be replaced, as well as the condition of the surrounding teeth, the options include dental implants, fixed bridges, or partial dentures.

Tooth implants are usually the best way to replace teeth if the patient desires a realistic prosthetic that functions like a real tooth. Also, it is not necessary to fix implants to other teeth, as in the following two options. The adjoining teeth support fixed bridges, and we must cement the bridge onto those teeth to keep the bridge in place. Brushing a bridge is no different than brushing your natural teeth, but patients must change the way they floss to keep the teeth healthy. Partial dentures are designed as removable appliances. They are often the least expensive of the options to replace missing teeth, but they are bulky. Patients sometimes find it difficult to adjust to wearing them and chewing with them.

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Illustration of a dental implant by Dr. Douglas Wooddell dentist in Annandale VA near Vienna, Burke and Fairfax VA
Options for tooth replacement include implants, bridges and dentures.

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