“Dental Health Is a Top Priority During the Pandemic”

This is an good article recently published in the Washington Post. Glad to see they recommend that maintaining your dental health is a top priority during the pandemic. Health Appointments You Should Keep Despite the Pandemic This is a good article recently published in the Washington Post. Glad to see they recommend that maintaining your dental […]

“An Interesting New Technology Being Researched to Clean Teeth”

Tiny robots to clean your teeth sounds a little far-fetched, and certainly would need a lot of refining, but it definitely has some interesting applications if it works. In the meantime, keep on brushing and flossing! Tiny Robots to Clean Your Teeth In the future, will tiny robots clean our teeth?

“New Link Found Connecting Periodontal Disease to Alzheimer’s”

As more research is done into the cause and effect of periodontal disease, scientists are identifying more and more non-oral implications that perio disease can have for our overall health.  This article was recently published, identifying a likely link to Alzheimer’s Disease: Periodontitis May Initiate Alzheimer’s Disease04 Oct 2018 Dentistry Today Industry News Long-term exposure […]

Unusual Flossing Habits

I came across this article today which outlines some unusual places that people floss their teeth. I’ve witnessed a couple of these, like the times I’ve seen people sitting in rush hour traffic on 66 or the Beltway, merrily flossing away. Hey, as far as I’m concerned, whatever you have to do to get your […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

Here at the office, our patients often ask the question: “How often should I replace my toothbrush?” Although there are several factors that can go into the answer, this article provides good oversight on what goes into the answer. Bottom line, the answer for most people is every three months. Replacement is especially important if […]

Dentistry Rated as Best Healthcare Profession

US News and World Report puts out an annual list rating various professions, and dentistry is usually near the top of that list. The just-released list for 2018 rates dentistry as the top profession in healthcare in the US. I have to say that I totally agree with the assessment. If interested, please take the […]

Office Policy Regarding Inclement Weather

Given that the winter weather season is upon us, I think this is a great time to state our policy regarding office closing: It is the policy of our practice to continue operations whenever possible. However, team member and patient safety are our primary concern. In the event of inclement weather on a day when […]

Wisdom Teeth Are Vestigial Organs

My patients often ask me why we have wisdom teeth since they usually need to be removed. The answer is, they are vestigial organs — things that we still have from our ancestors that we no longer need or use.  As we evolved, our jaws have shortened and therefore most of us no longer have […]